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We began life

as MarketMatch Inc. Our people are experts matching products to markets. We work along side clients to identify what is profit capable. Then we provide assistance every step of the way to becoming profitable.

Consultants provide a sounding board in considering opportunities for growth of existing companies-both through entry into new market segments, and product line extensions.

We have extensive experience with startups. We are experts in the transition between development and commercialization. We will develop communications materials and plans appropriate to the targeted markets, organize field demonstrations to support claims, establish early adapters as customers, provide outsourced management resources, find full-time employees, mentor individuals and train people and train groups.


Does your

core business permit you time to stand back and sort out what's making you successful? Our team will work with you and your staff to gather information, fine tune your message, and show you and your business are uniquely qualified to meet your client's or customer's needs.

We'll interpret this along with what we learn from our analysis of your competitors to develop a communications plan. We'll present options including both "old" and "new" media.

Our consultants are experts in merging social media (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, and others) with a web site to both solidify current business and meet growth objectives.

We work alongside you to fine tune both your Web and Social Media presence for three months to assure we achieve your objectives and train your people..




known is your product or service? Do you supply every market where there is potential?

If the word was spread far and wide, would it make a difference sufficient to justify more people?

We answer that question for our clients giving them a "Test Drive" before they make a commitment to full-time staff. We form a team to perform prospecting and qualifying, proposal preparation and submission, offer follow-up and close to include service and prove performance after the sale.

We can manage the transition providing sales and service force recruiting, training and development.


Safety Data Sheet

Authoring - We are a team of PhD’s and MBA’s who average 40-years of chemical industry experience at companies you know.  We offer both “Fire and Forget” services where we complete our assignments without drawing on in-house management time, and work along side company people so they can function as future in-house experts.  Our projects can consist of a single SDS or thousands.  We offer any and all language translations.  Our experts can both create and update sheets for all types of products in compliance with national and international regulations (OSHA, WHMIS, REACH, GHS).  SDS authoring is a complex and time-consuming process, which requires experience and qualification. The work is truly a wise choice for outsourcing. - CHAPTER  13. Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017 - his new California requirement requiring comparing all products components with 23-lists prepared by regulators in North America and Europe is excellent fit for the people to project matches we have been making since 1995.  We’ve developed an in-house capability that allows us to efficiently process your products to enable compliance within days. 


Our managers

create a project

structured organization dedicated to providing clients with industry experts working on shifting clusters of tasks in a variety of locations.

We provide a contingent workforce that can grow, shrink, and reshape itself as the situation requires-providing the benefit of expertise and decades of experience to newly forming and expanding companies, speeding the process from being profit capable to profitable. Typical projects we manage are:

AUDIT: Consultants work throughout the supply channel to optimize supplier relationships, establish joint-ventures, improve processes, tune up formulations, and assure adequate support of product claims.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Our people lend their considerable expertise to enhance client technical capabilities and to transfer knowledge to client staff, distributors and customers.

REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: We work with clients and their customers to provide decision-makers with the information they need to assure regulatory compliance at the lowest cost.

BUSINESS GROWTH: Our consultants provide a sounding board in considering opportunities for growth of existing companies both through entry into new market segments and product line extensions. 

BUSINESS STARTUP: Our people have extensive experience with startups. We know how to pave the way for market entry with competitive products and programs. 

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