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Work Vision

1995 is the year we founded our Richmond, Virginia based consortium of business people to conserve and utilize the valuable resources made available by downsizing, retirements, consolidation, and extended job search periods. Our company has been matching people to projects and products to markets for more than 25 years. Our business concept was inspired by the 1994 Fortune article "The End of the Job" predicting getting necessary work done would replace "holding a job".


Work Sample

Safety Data Sheet Authoring is one way Mg-Help is more than a traditional consulting firm. Not only do we provide expert services on one-off research-oriented projects; we are also a project structured organization dedicated to providing clients with industry experts working on shifting clusters of tasks in a variety of locations. We provide a contingent workforce that can grow, shrink, and reshape itself as the situation requires. Project examples are Safety Data Sheet Authoring, California Cleaning Product Right to Know Compliance, Additives Marketing and Sales, Funding Proposals and Acquisition Due Diligence.

Contractors have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible to retain in-house. They can purchase only as much service from the outside as needed. Although in many cases, by design or by growth, Mg-Help contracts convert into full-time positions for team members. Talk to us about Recruiting, Mentoring and Group Training.

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